Laughter is ALWAYS necessary

As we grow up we sometimes forget to have fun and laugh. We get caught up on being "professional", "grownup", "mature" or whatever word you choose to use. I say BOOO to all of that nonsense! Been there and done that! Trying to please everyone honestly really, really sucks. I've learned the hard way to not care what anyone thinks of you except yourself. For myself the catalyst was having my life completely turned up side down and going through pain. Straight up it isn't fun! it's horrible to tell the honest truth but with my pain I received the best gift, not caring what other people think of me. Let me drop a hint once you truly stop caring how others perceive and think of you, I guarantee you an instant happiness boost.

The most amazing part of my transformation was realizing that I had the choice the whole entire time. I was choosing to be continually live in pain. Once I took time to change my perception and starting implementing healthier habits it was like turing on a light switch to having laughter in my life again. I choose to stay in misery and once I choose to have fun, I much prefer having a laugh and not always taking everything so seriously.

Don't know how to have fun? Think back to things that you enjoyed as a child and embrace it! Do whatever it was that brought you joy. There is this misconception that you are a completely difference person now than as a child..... Hint Hint!! You are still the same person, you probably just think and function a bit differently! Be silly, laugh, and laugh so hard until you cry, it's the only way to live.

xoxo - KK

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