The Power of You

During the whirl wind 2020 year there has been some fantastic things to walk away with. The power of stepping into your own self confidence and truly trusting your intuition is a life shifting experience in the best way possible. I can't count the number of conversations over the past few months with other people who had said the best part of this year what not attending certain events or seeing certain individuals. For me being a true introvert I found the responses from others interesting. I don't typically go to many social events since I don't get much from attending events that involve rooms full of mostly strangers, but shout out to those who do this and enjoy it.

So this got me thinking about why are people saying yes to things that they clearly do not enjoy doing? Of course there are some commitments that must be kept, but it seemed overwhelming the response of people who didn't miss being around certain events or individuals. Why are people so scared to say "no thank-you", or "I will not be able to attend". It honestly sounds so simple in retrospect, but I think it happens quite often. People have forgotten their own power of saying no to things that don't enjoy doing. Maybe it's societal pressure? or is it your own judgement your putting on yourself? Whatever the reason is for saying yes to things you really want to say no to is that it can change today. Today you can step back into your own power and say no to something or someone and speak the truth. The hardest part is getting started. Once you do this you might find it so liberating you don't stop!!

You have the choice to do what is best for yourself and not have to apologize for that. Those who are truly supportive of your life will understand and respect your choices. The best people to be around are the ones you can go months without talking to and when you do talk again, it's like nothing has changed. With those people are the friendships that I cherish most because they are genuine and not self serving to either person. By finding your inner power and speaking your truth it will set the trajectory of your life in the most profound way.

-xoxo KK

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