Why add Seabuckthorn into your life?

I had never even heard of seabuckthorn until about 2 years ago. As i dove into changing up my skincare routine to being more organic I found Seabuckthorn was in ingredient used often. Once I dug deeper into the topic I realized it is a super food and is full many essential vitamins and nutrients for the body.

So i'm going to breakdown some details on why you might want to try adding this super fruit into your routine.

First off let me list the vitamins Seabuckthorn berries are full of vitamin A, B1,B2,C,E, and K. Also full of Omega 3,6,7, and 9. Antioxidants and phytonutrients. This is just a snap shot of the benefits of these nutrients packed into these super berries.

Below is details on why these are so vital for your body.

Phytonutrients: helps protect your body from inflammation and helps prevent cancer

Omegas: important for brain development and function

Antioxidants: helps your body fight of free radicals that create oxidative stress.

Vitamin A: Important for growth, development, immune system, and eye sight

Vitamin B1: Required for the metabolism

Vitamin B2: Required by the body for cellular respiration

Vitamin C: Important for repairing tissue in the body and enzyme production for some neurotransmitters. Required for functioning several enzyme productions. Important for the immune system functioning.

Vitamin E: Strengthens capillary walls and improves moisture and elasticity in the skin. Helps reduce inflammation in the skin and body.

Vitamin K: Controls blood pressure and blood clotting.

The ways i've implemented the berries into my routine i'm going to share with you. Keep in mind this doesn't happen over night one small sustainable change at a time.

  1. Morning Smoothie - In the warmer months I love having a morning smoothie. I added organic frozen Seabuckthorn berries,peaches,mangos,bananas,and pineapple. Keep in mind theses I special order from a company in Montreal Canada, as this isn't a berry that is typically for sale in the grocery stores. One thing to note is that there is small black seeds in the berries so if you don't like seeds I don't suggest this for you.

  2. Skincare - I found a fantastic organic skincare company that sells an amazing products with Seabuckthorn. Living libations has an amazing product line up and I have been using their products for a few years and love them! I said bye to Sephora after finding Living Libations. Check them out here

  3. Supplement - I am currently using a supplement right now as I am not doing my summer time smoothie. I'm using Juice plus + which has seabuckthorn oil capsules. I've been using there supplement for a month and so far I am liking it.

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